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Whether you are looking for a product, its transport or any transport solutions according to Incoterm, we are here to meet your needs.

A long expertise in the logistics chain as well as in sourcing allows us to respond very quickly to your requirements.

Our maturity of experience of the immense network of our contacts will always bring you the best solution in adequacy with your request.



We analyze your request in order to respond to an identified need. This request is then sourced from our suppliers in accordance with your requirements.Once the need has been identified, we send you a study containing all the specifics of the product requested After agreement and validation from you, we will offer you a detailed estimate showing the prices as well as the cost of transport according to your request and the incoterm selected.



Maritime transport will mainly be used for large tonnage or volume transport. Its price is lower compared to the air, but with longer delivery times. We manage the picking of your packages, the stuffing of the containers and the FOB of the freight. We provide transport (freight part) and delivery to your depots. Whether you buy EXW (ex-factory) or "door to door", we assure you all the follow-up of the logistics chain including controls (COTECNA, BIVAC, SGS etc.) and management of the customs documentary package.


Air transport, more expensive than sea, guarantees you fast delivery of your freight to its destination. We manage the picking of your packages, the IATA packaging and the delivery to "Handling", guaranteeing you boarding on the airlines, as soon as possible. Collection can be done from any point on the planet for delivery to the destination of your choice with monitoring of the entire logistics chain, control and documentary package.


Your packages are at a supplier far from a port or airport, no worries! we ensure the collection of your freight by road for delivery to the departure terminal with booking number and MAQ (docking number). We can offer you moving quotes that our dedicated team will be happy to provide you with in the best packaging conditions, guaranteeing you a fast and careful service (Chambre Syndicale du Déménagement).

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