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Our means :

Whether we are talking about sourcing, transport, customs and delivery, our primary job is to satisfy you under the best possible conditions of cost and time.

Entrust us with your projects, we will do our utmost to achieve them!


Are you looking for merchandise?

We source internationally while scrupulously respecting your specifications. We analyze the product according to your request. We study the precise sourcing times as well as the transport times. We agree with the supplier the date of any checks (COTECNA, BIVAC, SGS etc.) as well as the availability. We may send you a sample (at your expense) before blocking the order. We control the packaging according to the mode of transport and country regulations (fumigation, IATA etc.).


The goods are ready!

We position the transport vector for removal. At the same time, we edit the customs documentary package for dispatch. We provide your freight on request. This freight is delivered to the Port of embarkation or Handling airport. We follow the export customs formalities as well as the embarkation.


The goods travel !

After departure, we will send you a boarding confirmation without delay. On receipt of the transport documents (LTA, BL etc.), we send by email, to the recipient of your choice, the complete documentary package so that a customs file can be opened at destination. We of course take care of, at your request, all the post delivery part of the port or airport arrival, up to site delivery (door to door).


The goods arrive at the port or airport!

We will send you a confirmation of arrival and the recipient of your choice. We can manage the import part (customs declaration, calculation of duties and taxes) and on-site transport delivery quotation. Customs duties and taxes being payable without delay, delivery can only be made once these costs have been paid.


The goods are delivered on site!

Once the customs duties have been paid, the goods are subject to a BAE (good to collect) with which our means of transport will be able to collect your freight with cleared customs import declaration. Your merchandise is then delivered to its final destination. We will then give you the customs declaration justifying the entry and release, allowing you to benefit from it as you wish.

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