Our solutions :

Wheter it is for the supply chain, transport, customs or delivery, our first goal is to satisfy you with the best costs and timeframes.

Entrust us with your projects, we will do our utmost to achieve them !


   We hunt internationally for it while respecting your specifications scrupulously. We analyze the product according to your request. We study the precise deadlines of the supply chain as well as the transport timeframe. We confirm the order with the vendor, the date of possible control (COTECNA, SGS, BIVAC etc.) as well as availability. We could send to you a sample at your expense before confirming the order.

We virify the packaging depending the transport type and the country regulations (Fumigation, IATA etc.).


   We arrange the requested type of transport for removal. We issue in parallel, the customs documents for shipment. We insure your freight upon request.

The freight is delivered to the port or airport of departure. We monitor the customs formalities as well as loading.


You are looking for a product ?
The goods are ready !
The goods are in transit !
The goods arrive at port or airport !
The goods are delivered on site !

   We send you an arrival confirmation as well as to the adressee of your choice. We can manage the import formalities (customs declaration, duties and taxes assesment) with an estimated of costs to deliver on site.

The duties and taxes being payable at the time of the declaration, the delivery can be done only once these expenses are paid in full.



   Once the customs duties are settled, the goods are declared "BAE" (customs green light to remove from the terminal) with which the transporter will pick-up the goods with the import declaration. Your goods are then delivered to the final destination.

We relay to you the customs declaration justifying the importation of goods to keep for your records.

   After departure, we send you immediatly a loading confirmation. Upon receipt of shipment documents (AWB, BL etc.), we send by email, to the adress of your choice, the full paperwork so that a customs file, can be open at destination.

   We continue to monitor, at your request, the destination services up to delivery site.