Wheter you are looking for a specific product, how to transport it, or all the needs in between depending on the terms of sale, we are here to meet your needs. Our experience in the logistics supply chain enable us to immediatly satisfy your demands.

Our mature experience and the global network of our contacts will bring to you the best solution in accordance with your request.


   Ocean freight will be essentially chosen for the transport of big tonnage or volume. The cost by sea is lesser compared to air shipment but, with longer delivery deadlines.

    We manage the pick-up of your parcel, the stuffing of containers and FOB opérations of the freight.

     We perform the freight transport and the delivery to your warehouses. Whether your purchase EXWORK or dor to door, we ensure the full logistic chain including verification (COTECNA, BIVAC, SGS etc.) and the management  of customs documents and clearance.




   The air transport, more costly than sea shipments, garantees fast delivery of your freight to destination.

   We manage the pick-up of your parcel, the IATA packing and the handover to the terminal, ensuring the quick boarding of the good with the airline, as soon as possible.

   The pick-up can be done anywhere worlwide for delivery to the destination of your choice, with our hand-on-follow-up all through the supply chain and customs paperwork.

   Your parcel are with a supplier distant from port or airport ? no worries ! We ensure the freight removal by truck for delivery to the terminal of departure with a booking number (M.A.Q)

   We can also offer household effects removal with our dedicated teams, with the best packing available, guaranteeing you a quick and hight quality service (Trade Moving Association).


   We analyze request in order to meet and identified. This request is then the object of a supply chain inquiry to our suppliers with your specific needs.

   Once the need has been targeted, we send you a report mentionning the specificities of the requested product.

   After review and validation from your side, we propose a detailed estimate including the transport costs as per the terms of sale.